How Can You Differentiate Sex?

There are times when gays camouflaging themselves in woman image you are sometimes err in determining the real sex. Using make-ups and woman garments can change the image of man liken unto woman. However there are noticeable factors that you can scrupulously differentiate man from woman by knowing these scientific clues.

Body Part Clues

The acetabulum - the socket in the pelvis, which is used to secure the head of the femur - is larger in males than in females.

Another area of the body in which the difference between males and females can be identified during the examination of a skeleton is the head and skull. There are several characteristics that are visible different in the male and female skull and they are:

  • The chin is squarer in the skull of a man than that of a woman, who will tend to have a slightly more pointed chin
  • The forehead of the male will slant backwards where again with a female it will be slightly more rounded
  • Males seem to have a brow ridges whereas females do not.
All in all there are plenty of differences between the male and female skeleton and if the pathologist and anthropologist have a complete skeleton to work from they should be able to make a positive determination as to the sex of the deceased before they died.


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